For the aspiring photographer who's ready to ditch the
self-doubt and finally complete a 365 with confidence and ease.

Good news: there's a simpler way to beautifully document your life and become the photographer you've always wanted to be. Let me show you how!

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The Documented Heart is an immersive photography and mindset coaching program for aspiring photographers who are ready to feel creative fulfillment in their art and confidence in their technical skills over 365 days of taking daily photos

Constant Comparison Doesn't Lead
to Creative Fulfillment.

Truth Bomb: You want to feel confident picking up your camera and capturing the magic of your life. And badly!  

You want to finish that daily photo project – maybe even a 365 – and make it all the way to the end with gorgeous photos to show for it. 

You want to be present in the life you’re living and truly feel like you’re an artist.

But your efforts thus far haven’t helped you get there. 

Maybe you’ve learned some lessons (like what NOT to do), but no matter how much you work at it… you still somehow backslide into old habits, or overwhelm, or self-doubt… with little to show for it.

Giving up for good sounds tempting when it looks like NOTHING will work.

But the thing is...

You’re COMMITTED to finding clarity and confidence in your photography journey – and cracking the code on how to better your craft and prioritize your dreams.

You’ve already tried…

  • Starting more than one personal project on your own and quitting long before you’ve reached your goal 
  • Taking class after class to improve your skills only to find you still don’t know your own creative path 
  • Scrolling social media for daily photo inspiration only to find yourself trapped in a compare-and-despair spiral

It’s frustrating and demoralizing to feel like you’ve tried (or at least considered) it all, and to be honest you’re TIRED and ready for a different way.

Real Talk: The reason those things haven’t worked in the past is because truly committing to creative growth requires a deep mindset shift about what’s possible for you right now, and how you’re willing to show up for yourself, each and every day. 

I’ve seen clients struggle with this over and over again, which is why I created

The Documented Heart Guided Practice.

With this program, I’ve helped dozens of clients build confidence in their ability as photographers, gain true clarity about their creative voice, and successfully document their lives for an entire year.

If you’re truly ready to find fulfillment in your creative path and feel deeply confident in your photography, The Documented Heart Guided Practice was designed specifically to help you get there.

My approach is different from taking one-off online classes, stalking social media for solutions, or trying to struggle through a daily photo project on your own.

Because for the entirety of our year together, I offer focused and supportive coaching, alongside a structured curriculum, and a safe community space to share your work, creating a transformative experience like no other. 

Together we’ll shift your mindset,
not just your skill set.

Over your 12 months of working through
The Documented Heart Guided Practice,
we will focus on the following goals:

  • Define your Anchored Alignment™: We’ll define what will ground and guide you at the start and as a touchpoint throughout the year
  • Curate your ideal workflow: We’ll dive into all the tactical aspects of consistently shooting, editing, organizing, and printing your daily images
  • Design your Presence Plan™: We bring our whole selves to our creative work, and your Presence Plan™ is the roadmap to your most fulfilled, and most present self – behind the lens, and everywhere else
  • Step into the monthly practice of Creation, Coaching, and Community™  alongside a carefully curated group of aspiring photographers like yourself, and me as your coach for both group coaching and 1:1 coaching calls
  • Complete your 365: You'll have the guidance, accountability, and support to successfully complete your 365

The Documented Heart seeks creatively curious, aspiring photographers with specific criteria to apply

It is awe-inspiring to support aspiring photographers in cultivating creative fulfillment in their art, and confidence in their technical skills; but I must make sure you are qualified (and ready) before I commit to working with you in this program.

The fact is, I only accept a limited number of participants at any given time – and because of my guarantee below – I only work with those who are qualified and ready to show up, do the work, and focus to achieve the objectives of the program alongside other students within the program.

Because of this, it’s imperative that every participant is truly ready for this level of growth – for finding clarity and confidence in your photography journey – and has the courage and drive to make the most of their time in The Documented Heart Guided Practice to get there!

Here's what we are looking for, and how to know if The Documented Heart is right for you:

This is for you if...

  • You're an aspiring photographer who is ready to take action to find fulfillment in your creative path and feel deeply confident in your photography over a year-long program
  • You follow through on commitments and you are willing to invest in yourself
  • You value the joy of experiential learning over perfection
  • You want a simple, sustainable, and realistic process to document your daily life
  • You want to understand your diverse and unique creative perspective, and want to be surrounded by other photographers who will value it as well
  • You are decisive and ready to take action in the name of your creativity right NOW. No more delaying your dreams till "some day".

This is NOT for you if...

  • You're content to keep playing small with your creative potential
  • You have a track record of FTI or "Failure To Implement"...if you're the type consuming information more than actually doing the work and engaging in the process, this is not for you
  • You don’t have a passion for capturing moments in your life that move you
  • You complain about putting in the work and want to be coddled without showing a willingness to try on your own. We’ll hold you accountable, but this program is not one where we will chase after you to engage with the work meant for you.
  • You're content with buying (and never finishing) all of those $25 courses and never seeing a change.

How The Documented Heart Guided Practice works

The format of The Documented Heart Guided Practice is what makes it truly unique and helps you achieve results that were previously not possible. When we speak, I’ll explain the entire format and structure in detail.

For now, what’s most important to know is that we use a blend of curriculum, coaching, and community support which include:

  • Engaging, easy-to-digest CURRICULUM: You’ll have access to engaging, easy-to-digest written and video content with new program materials to walk you step-by-step through the 12-month curriculum. You will be accessing all content through Circle, an easy-to-use, community-oriented online space.
  • High-touch group and private 1-on-1 COACHING: Three out of four weeks each month, we’ll meet as a group of no more than 20 to go over your goals, strategy, and questions about the framework, the process, your photos, and your experience. These are structured, facilitated, highly interactive experiences meant to encourage, inspire and motivate you through all the ups and downs of your year’s work. Replays of these calls will always be available if you can’t join the live call. You will also receive 4 private, 1-on-1 coaching calls with me throughout our year together to make sure you are getting all of the personal attention and feedback you need.
  • Intimate, supportive, private COMMUNITY: You will be surrounded by other aspiring photographers just like you – with similar goals to yours. Inside of this group, you’ll be able to help track one another’s progress, support each other through challenges and wins, and keep your drive high! Because we are so selective about who is allowed into the program, rest assured this is a highly curated community – so get excited to meet everyone!

The 3 biggest benefits you'll see from
The Documented Heart Guided Practice

1: Complete Your 365

Accountability with your coach and your community, structured curriculum for your technical education, and the comprehensive tools to continually support you and your mindset throughout the program ensure that if you’re ready to do the work, we’ll help you get to the finish line with joy and ease.

2: Find Your Unique
Creative Voice

I’ll guide you through the journey of daily shooting and teach you how to build the base of confidence you need to own and care for your unique creative voice within your 365 and beyond. Many students start confidently planning their next big creative project before we've even completed our year together.

3: Clarify Your

Creative Path

We’ll start with the very basics of how to show up every day for yourself, and I’ll teach you how to build the integrity of discipline. Get ready to learn
how this superpower can help
you accomplish any creative goal you have.

My Guarantee to You:

I am 100% committed to helping you complete your 365, and helping you feel deeply confident and thoroughly supported in your photography journey.

That said, you might still have hesitations about whether what you’re reading on this page is truly possible for you and if The Documented Heart is the best choice to get you there.

Here’s the deal:  The Documented Heart is an elite option and the investment reflects that. That might make you question if it’s really “worth it,” and I get that.

So in case you are still hesitating to apply, here’s a guarantee that you can bank on:

I am willing to promise you that if you participate in all of the calls, implement all of the work, and show up to shoot every day for 365 days, and you do not see growth in your confidence or your technical skills as a result of your work in this program, then I will continue to work with you 1-on-1 for no additional cost until you’ve completed all 5 program objectives.

If you’re truly ready to build confidence in your ability as a photographer and successfully document your life for an entire year and you’re willing to do the work to get there with the guidance and support of The Documented Heart Guided Practice, there is absolutely no reason NOT to apply today.

You already have all that you need.

You have the creativity, inspiration, determination, and focus – to grow your technical skills, complete a 365, and feel confident as a photographer.

But what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working and it’s time for that to stop, once and for all.

You’re here reading this page because you’re an aspiring photographer who’s SO done with….

  • Spending hours & hours every day scrolling social media and feeling like you’ll never measure up
  • Dreaming about what it may be like to shoot the way you want, but not seeing the desired results in the photos you capture
  • Investing in class after online class, attending one retreat after another, and trying to consume EVERYTHING from other photographers, yet still feeling like your own work will never be what you want it to be
  • Being so focused on how everyone else’s daily photos look that you give up and miss documenting your own. Thinking maybe waiting until you are “better” is the answer. Spoiler: it’s not.
  • You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you ZERO results.

You’re ready for REAL answers. REAL coaching and support. REAL community. 

This is why you’re the perfect candidate for The Documented Heart Guided Practice.

Do you know what happens when you finally know how to capture your life every day with ease?

  • You wake up every morning ready to delight in the beauty of the life you’re already living because you have built the muscle of deep presence and awareness through capturing your daily photo.
  • You are excited to prove to yourself over and over again that you can choose creative goals because you have the knowledge, confidence, and support you need to follow through on them like a PRO (because you ARE a pro)
  • You have more clarity and ease around celebrating your work alongside your fellow photographers because you’ll have deep confidence in your own unique creative voice – imagine what you’ll be able to do when all of that compare + despair energy is spent on something you actually want!

Results don’t happen by accident. 

They happen because you have followed a system and process, taken the steps, done the work, and received the help necessary to get where you want to go. Period.

If you’re ready to finally see the beauty of your life as it is, and your ability to capture it with confidence and clarity, let’s do this.

Apply Now!

Real Results

Big Facts: I am 100% committed to my clients inside of The Documented Heart.

And I've already helped dozens of aspiring photographers find clarity and confidence while completing their year-long program with me. So I already know exactly what you’re signing up for when you decide to enroll in The Documented Heart.

But I understand that you’re not behind the scenes seeing the wins that I'm seeing every day. So why don’t I bring you behind the scenes?

You don’t just have to listen to me go on about how incredible the program is. Instead, you can hear directly from other photographers, just like you, who’ve experienced these results firsthand.

"I enrolled in this program to improve my photography, to document our daily lives, and to prove to myself that I could complete a P365. Check, check, and check.

One of the things I enjoyed about this workshop was the group coaching calls. They provided an opportunity for everyone to discuss topics like what makes a good (or bad) photo, scarcity vs abundance, resistance, commitment, and our creative experiences. Hearing everyone's unique perspective was interesting and insightful.

This program is about so much more than the daily practice of taking a photo. It’s also about a journey of self-discovery. I don’t know how it happens, it’s just magical.

The process of slowing down and being intentional about taking a photo has spilled over into other parts of my life.

Kristyn always reminds us that it’s a 1% change that makes space for huge shifts. When I look back on the past year, I have had several major changes. If you feel that this program is calling you, don’t miss this opportunity. It will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine."

— Dana Nakagawa, 2021 + 2022 Student

When I started with The Documented Heart (TDH), all I knew was that I wanted to commit to making creativity a focus for my life in the coming year.

Well, nearly 365 days later, I’ve accomplished that and so much more. I’m sure I, like others, had so much hope for 2021 after the tough days of 2020; however, 2021 was as—if not more—challenging; on days when I would have rather pulled up the covers and retreated from “real life,” this project grounded my days in a desire, a purpose, and a greater sense of meaning and clarity. 

I feel this experience has opened up new ways of looking at myself and the world, and I find I take note more often—of just about everything. I stop more to take in a scene, notice a small detail, soak up fleeting moments.

This experience amplified everything—helping me to clear away the clutter in my mind (not totally gone but getting there!) and make space for what really matters to me.

While TDH might be simplified as a daily photo project, it’s so, so much more; I can honestly say the experience thus far has been nothing short of inspiring and transformative. 

— Terri Greene Henning, 2021 + 2022 Student

"Kristyn’s 365 program was eye-opening.

The act of taking a photo every day for a year was a challenge, but the end result was taking notice of the tiny moments around you and the myriad of feelings that surface throughout the day.

I started the journey trying to perfect the craft of photography, but slowly learned that the journey was so much more important and revealing, and Kristyn’s guidance and mentorship were key as I unlocked the idea that photos don’t have to be perfect to have meaning."

— Lindsey Rovegno, 2020 Student

"Before I started TDH, I was unsure of myself, my skills, and absorbed in the stresses of day-to-day life.

Initially, I felt intimidated to sign up as simply a hobby photographer, and I didn’t know if I would be able to hang with everyone else. However, despite my hesitation, I took a leap and joined the guided group. I am so glad that I did!

This experience allowed me to slow down and spend a few moments of each day just noticing. I learned how to roll with the good days, the bad days and everything in between.

By leaning into my creativity, I gained more confidence and appreciation for all of wonderful things life has to offer. TDH is transformative and it was one of best things I’ve done for myself. It is astonishing the positive impact a daily practice can have on your self worth. "

— Katie Hannigan, 2021 Student

When I first signed up for TDH2020, it had been 10 years since I had last completed a 365 project. In that time a lot in my life changed. I was back to working full time outside the home, my kids were teenagers and older and had zero interest in being my muse.

I knew there was beauty in my life, but didn’t know how to capture it. I was overwhelmed with perfectionism paralysis.

My brain was in overdrive with unanswered questions: what will I photograph? Who is it for? Is it even worth it? Are my photos even any good?  Am I worth it? What’s the actual point?  All of those questions and more were answered.

The space Kristyn has created is unlike any other I’ve been honored to be in. She and the other students are warm, welcoming, understanding, loving, and encouraging in all the best ways. In my first 365, I grew technically in my photography. In TDH I grew as a human that is also a photographer. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

— Diane Downs, 2020 + 2022 Student

"The Documented Heart was the best decision that I made [in 2020]. Taking a photo a day not only helped me find my creative voice, but it also deepened my photography skills, while also giving me a portfolio that I’m proud of.

Looking back through my years’ work, I see my growth as an artist and as a person.

This project taught me to see – to see the beauty in the chaos, to see myself as an artist, and to see and appreciate all of the ‘little’ moments that make life so big and grand.

For me, this was more than just a photography mentorship.

Kristyn’s thoughtful questions led me through a year-long exploration of getting to know myself, my family, and the world around me.

In short, this was a 365-day long therapy session from behind and beyond the lens and It. Was. Amazing!!!"

— Kelli Sullivan, 2020 Student

In The Documented Heart Guided Practice, you’ll finally follow through on documenting the beauty of your daily life and feel the clarity and confidence about your photography that you’ve always wanted.

Are you ready?

Unlike other 365 photography courses, The Documented Heart doesn't prescribe exactly what to photograph or how to measure your work (especially against unsustainable metrics of perfection!)

We don’t give you a huge PDF and a two-week window to ask every question you'll have...for the entirety of the year.

We don’t set unattainable standards that leave aspiring photographers frustrated and stuck. 

Instead, The Documented Heart Guided Practice celebrates your authenticity as an artist and supports your creative, technical, and personal growth for all 365 days. 

The Documented Heart Guided Practice is different because we'll focus on your holistic development as a photographer, and the ease you deserve to feel in embracing your remarkable and unique talents.

As a member of The Documented Heart, you will not only be guided step-by-step through the educational curriculum, but you will be supported, respected, encouraged, and held accountable to the goals you’ve set for yourself.

The best part is how absolutely doable this will feel once you have the right framework and support in your corner.

Don’t spend another moment stalking my content and re-reading this page.

If you know this is for you, trust yourself enough to take this step.
Because your most-confident, future-photographer self is waiting.

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